healing through movement

The body is the vessel with which we experience our lives. The vessel through which our emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual lives are felt, experienced and processed. It is through the very cells of the tissue, bones and nerves that make up our physical being that all of our experiences in life are filtered, digested and, dare I say, created.

When we experience heartache, stress, trauma or simply the daily trials of our very busy lives, all these experiences, pleasant and unpleasant, become stored in the memory of our muscles. They ingrain themselves into the unseen pathways of our nervous system and in the patterns of our habitual thoughts and movements. In my own life, movement has been my ultimate teacher and my deepest healer and so this is what I offer to others. I work with each client’s individual needs and goals, intuitively using the mind-body method of Pilates along with other forms of bodywork to empower each person to discover their natural and functional movement and become familiar with the healer and teacher within.

Whether it is to rehabilitate an injury, relieve chronic pain or simply to feel better and healthier inside of your own skin, movement and exercises that are based in the connectedness of mind and body will leave you feeling lighter, freer and fully empowered in yourself!

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